Are you a union interested in joining the Research Bureau Veritas?

Then you’re part of a international researchers union movement that is the largest scientific movement in the world.

The Research Bureau Veritas is the global representative of researchers and research industry within that movement. We want to work with you and support you, to join our voice to yours at a international level, and yours to ours at the international level. Together we can influence the global research industry.

Want to join us? Then find out more below.

Who can join the Research Bureau Veritas ?

Membership is open to researchers, scholars, academicians, scientists, unions, companies,  organizations, firms and workers employed in all forms of public and private institution or form and associated industries.

Why join the Research Bureau Veritas ?

Together, the Research Bureau Veritas and its unions are building a strong and united network fighting for quality research and technical services, scientific union rights, gender equality and employment equity. As part of a truly global organization your union will be part of developing a coordinated strategy to confront an increasingly globalised approach to research and address the shifting trends in technological advancement, social justice in the workplace for the exploration in a scientific way.

What does it cost?

The formula for calculating the Research Bureau Veritas annual affiliation fees is 55 USD. This is based on figures a factor relevant to a country’s gross national income. We also assess your financial circumstances.

How is the money spent?

By joining you help influence this. Your subscription will be spent on delivering decided programme of work. The Research Bureau Veritas works hard to develop strategies which allows member unions to campaign, grow and mobilise effectively. You will also have access to regional events.

How do we to join?

If you would like to discuss how to apply you can write an email to an Research Bureau Veritas representative at

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